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This collection is dedicated to children with cancer and their parents.

The most serious verdict ever has been dropped on you. The terrible “monster” word has fallen.

Your child is seriously ill. He/she has been diagnosed with cancer.

The world slides away from underneath your feet and you find yourself in a rollercoaster of anger, grief and a thousand questions.

One thing is for sure, this is the beginning of a long road ahead full of unknown potholes and cobbles.

Apart from the emotional shock, there is only one thing that matters: let your child have the best medical care in the most comfortable circumstances.

As a parent we are our child’s superhero, he or she will once again count on you to be there every step of the way and to make this journey as easy as possible.

However this is a tough one...

Simple things such as adequate infrastructure or comfortable surroundings will make life a little bit more acceptable for parents who choose to stay with their child in the hospital day in and day out as suddenly the hospital has also become their home.

Helping finance these shortcomings is what KOMOK does in order to give every child and his/her parents the opportunity to go through these demanding times in the best circumstances.

KOMOK, parents support children with cancer. ANGELS HAVE WINGS supports KOMOK. With love !

Gifts are as free as Angels ! Small amounts can make a huge difference ! Feel free :

KOMOK : BE45 7340 1941 7789 - note: 400/0013/69658

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This collection is dedicated to animals 'with paws'.

Thanks to the effort of so many wonderful people, mostly volunteers and animal shelters, many unfortunate and mistreated animals find a better home. They need our help and respect.

Our special attention goes out to a lady who offers a warm welcome to neglected and homeless dogs and mostly cats.

The lady of the house helps wherever she can, despite her limited means -she has little to live of herself- there is no soul she wouldn't try to help. Displeased by how badly one can hurt an animal, but enormously dedicated to take care of those fluffy ones with an overwhelming amount of love and devotion. When they recovered from their misery, they can be adopted only by real animal lovers.

Therefore, we spread our wings out to Pink Paws, Pet Rescue.

We will donate from the ANGELS HAVE WINGS Pet Collection to this non-profit organisation.

Gifts are as free as Angels ! Small amounts can make a huge difference ! Feel free :

PINK PAWS : BE88 3770 5388 3941

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