About us


The  'Angels have wings' collection

so much more than just a ‘must have’ !


My collections will instantly give you a cosy feeling as you will always be wearing a positive message.

A positive, funny or sweet statement that will keep you warm and cool at the same time. Every slogan or sentence will be related to the name of the collection, but is also strong without this association.

Warm as it's not only a fancy shirt for your body but also for your soul.

A cross-pollination between fashion & kindness !

And I don't just praise, read a little more ...


Cool because every fashionable item that could be yours also has a hidden message as our collections will represent and support a group with special needs.

By wearing the Angel Collection a donation will be made to a non-profit organisation of my choice and that’s really cool, don’t you think ?

So much love in one shirt !

Enjoy being fashionable with a heart.

Enjoy being an angel yourself !

Discover the non-profit organisations of our choice



Unique prints
Original texts
High quality fabrics
Fancy colours
Best value for money
Angels pin of love for free
Spoil yourself with a lovely shirt or give it as a present ! Imagine your friend's happy face when receiving such a colourful shirt ! We will ship it straight to the address of your choice.
You will look like a star and feel like an Angel !
Angels have wings, so much love in one shirt !


Only for the modern angel who loves fashion and cares about sharing and wearing positivity !